Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hard Working Determination of the Twin Brothers…!!!

At the tender age of 16, when a teenager should be indulging in the latest gadgetry influences and fresh teenage crushes, Alon Alexander began his career digging trenches for wiring of security systems. For some people, the journey of life is on a gradual road to success that has already been paved thousand of times but for Alon the step ahead in his career wasn’t that easy. With his intimate relationship with Kent Services and his yearn for more knowledge, he slowly learned every aspect of the business, provided the obvious fact that he was a child gifted with superb capabilities.
After he graduated high school, Alon went for further studies to the University of Maryland in New York, where he received a law degree & had been incessantly working hard on to achieve. With all the craving for more comprehension of the inner workings of the legal system and the passion for more knowledge, Alon soon became the founder of Kent Security. The Kent industry is popular world-wide and there is a rising need of people demanding safety for their professional and personal life. All through the pages of Alon’s hardship and successful years, he was accompanied by his brother Oren Alexander, a real estate agent, who paved the way for the proficient working of the company. 
For a lot of the people who say that these two brothers act and look alike, indeed it is. They were born on 2nd of July, 1987  which officially denotes that they are twins. Rather successful ones. Because of their possessiveness towards each other and their growing affinity for the sharing of more thoughts between themselves, their pace of progress socially, financially, professionally and personally became rapid.
On the higher pages for the quest for their professional journey, they decided to go their separate ways. Alon turned towards security services as his future genre of work while Oren’s keen interest in the real estate market, rendered him to deeply immerse himself in the real estate region. So, Oren went to the University of Colorado while Alon joined the University of Maryland in New York.
Presently Alon Alexander, true to his nature, devotedly serves himself as a founder of Kent Security Services where he has consulted the security infrastructure of two super bowls and three major cities. Oren on the other hand, joined the real estate firm where his sharp knowledge of the real estate and his sense of the climate has enabled him to be a very successful in the field.
Alon and Oren both have received numerous awards and they are held as inspiring entities by young entrepreneurs who are looking to create a dent in the market.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Immortal Brotherhood Ever in the World...!!!

There are two brothers Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander. They both are twins & born on 2nd of July 1987. From Hillel Community Day School & Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School, they both gained their schooling education. Their sincerity, prosperity, possessiveness & as well as love for each other since their childhood has been highlighting a great message of the brotherhood ever in the world. Both the brothers are very interactive for each other and have been taking care of them by gracing their attraction the same as much as possible by their end.
By the days were crossing ahead, they both wanted to completed their graduation by their hard working determination towards the career. Henceforth, as Alon had a quite extreme fond for serving himself as a providing the protection service next to the people, so he joined the University of Maryland, College Park, which later he proved to be so perfectly pursued his further education towards his goal, so that he is quite satisfactorily able to run now his own firm named Kent Security Services. And the other one of twins Oren Alexander wanted in his future to become like his father. His father had a keen interest in the real estate field and also served himself as a real estate agent. So, for catching the particular position in this real estate area, Oren continued his education ahead from University of Colorado, Rock, where after he got an innovative opportunity to make his dream true and joined a company as a real estate agent.
Both the brothers Alon and Oren are playing an appreciated role in their life today. Literally, Alon is the empire of the best security service providing firm- Kent Security Service, while Oren is running an emperor in a real estate region as well.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Universal Brotherhood of Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander

It has been said somewhere that-

"Break the mature bond that no-one could, if there exists a true brotherhood..."
And the credit of same bond refers to these two brothers Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander.
Both were twins and born on 2nd of July, 1987 who got their schooling education from Hillel Community Day School and Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School.
Since their childhood, they have been contributing their time for each-other and also they are always quite possessive as well, while they use to share their mind-thoughts which regards socially, financially, professionally & personally too.

As days were passing by, they both decided to complete their education by their own. Alon wanted to turn his career towards the security services, so he went to join the University of Maryland, College Park which later proved to be so perfectly done that now he runs his own firm named Kent Security Services. While Oren ever had a keen interest in the real estate zone as his father who also served for the same field as a real estate agent, so he went to the University of Colorado, Rock where after he got a job as a real estate agent.

Today Alon serves himself as a founder of the Kent Security Services, while on other side Oren joined a real estate firm which has made a tremendous growth for the both. Now they twins stay in New York and conduct their life in a very attractive manner. They both are extremely well-turned today in the globalization era as successful young professionals and remain highly charitable as well.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Alon and Oren Alexander’s Marvelous Achievement!

     On the night of 2011 when Grand Lexington Gala was hosted the beautiful and spacious capital, it became night completely served by the mystery of new people and the ostensible “who’s who” of New York City real estate. Ever so magnanimous and eccentric, Mike Williams hosted the evening gala with the raging crowd. 
Tables laden with the best assortments of dishes and the air filled with the groove of the Jay street band, the evening was swayed quiet by the last announcement of the philanthropist of the year by David Stem, president of the Grand Lexington Charity and in the silence of the mighty building and city lights, Alon Alexander and Oren Alexander was awarded the philanthropist of the year 2011. Marvelous achievement!
     While the crowd showed a sign of curiosity about who these adorable young men were, their great acceptance speech resonated deep in the heart of New York and they captured the enthusiasm of the audience with enthralling vigor. Born and raised as twins in a charitable Jewish family, Alon and Oren Alexander are children raised by the true love and warmth of parents.
It was apparent from Alon’s humble speech that the inspiration about the noble thing he is doing was instilled in him by his parents who taught them the importance of Tzedek.

     Alon Alexander and Oren Alexander decided since a tender age that they wanted to give back their community which had provided them lots of things in life. It was in high school when they formed the Alon and Oren Alexander foundation, the focal point was raising money for educating the youth of the inner city. They are responsible for sending thousands of kids from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens to college for further studies. 
With such accomplishments of true marvel, the colorful crowd gave Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander a standing ovation which climaxed the beautiful event.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Twin Brothers Setting Benchmark for the world

Alon and Oren Alexander are the twins who have shown the world the power of being one as a unity to give value to relations and carrying forward the legacy to set an example for the world to follow. The twins were born on 2nd July, 1987. Right from the younger age, the two have been the closed companions. They completed their early education in Hills County Day School and Dr. Michael Krop senior Senior Secondary school. In the childhood also, the two share even the common friends.

In 2005, the two started their two higher education program with Alon getting into University of   Maryland in College and Oren decided to move to University of Colorado. After passing from the college, Alon Alexander chooses to shift to the security services company called Kent. Oren has an interest around the real estate business. He gets into the field of real estate as if his father also has the same dream.

Alon today is the chairman of the Kent Services. He has come with the various novice services that would yield to the better growth of the organization as well as the personal growth. Oren is still working with the real estate firm and has contributed his experience with Alon for the growth.

The two brothers have shown the world their courtesy to work with one another and carrying along with the relationship of brothers. They still share everything with one another and discuss about the various ways to improve the business and help the social.