Thursday, 27 June 2013

Something About Alon and Oren Alexander

Alon and Oren Alexander, the famous twins, are writing new success stories every day. Born on 2 July, 1987, these brothers were very much into socializing. All their schooling was done in Hillel Group Day School and Dr. Michael Krop Senior Secondary School.

In 2005, Alon and Oren parted their ways in order to pursue higher education. Alon chose to join the University of Maryland in University Stop, MD and Oren went to  the University of Colorado in Rock, Colorado. But this physical distance didn’t bring any kind of indifference between them. Their camaraderie grew even stronger. They paid frequent visits to each other during that whole time.

In the springs of 2008, Oren graduated the University of Colorado with an Accounts degree in hand. Then he went to New York City to pursue his career as a real estate agent. His father was a realtor himself, so he really had an inclination towards real estate business.

On the other hand, Alon came out of the University of Maryland with a degree in Criminal Justice in the winter of 2008. Then he joined a law school in New York but dropped out in the first year to establish a security company. He named the company Kent Security.

Today, they stay in New York and lead a very successful life. Evan today these brothers are so attached to each other that they work for the progress of each other mutually. They both help each other in their professions.

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