Friday, 13 December 2013

Universal Brotherhood of Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander

It has been said somewhere that-

"Break the mature bond that no-one could, if there exists a true brotherhood..."
And the credit of same bond refers to these two brothers Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander.
Both were twins and born on 2nd of July, 1987 who got their schooling education from Hillel Community Day School and Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School.
Since their childhood, they have been contributing their time for each-other and also they are always quite possessive as well, while they use to share their mind-thoughts which regards socially, financially, professionally & personally too.

As days were passing by, they both decided to complete their education by their own. Alon wanted to turn his career towards the security services, so he went to join the University of Maryland, College Park which later proved to be so perfectly done that now he runs his own firm named Kent Security Services. While Oren ever had a keen interest in the real estate zone as his father who also served for the same field as a real estate agent, so he went to the University of Colorado, Rock where after he got a job as a real estate agent.

Today Alon serves himself as a founder of the Kent Security Services, while on other side Oren joined a real estate firm which has made a tremendous growth for the both. Now they twins stay in New York and conduct their life in a very attractive manner. They both are extremely well-turned today in the globalization era as successful young professionals and remain highly charitable as well.

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