Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Alon and Oren Alexander’s Marvelous Achievement!

     On the night of 2011 when Grand Lexington Gala was hosted the beautiful and spacious capital, it became night completely served by the mystery of new people and the ostensible “who’s who” of New York City real estate. Ever so magnanimous and eccentric, Mike Williams hosted the evening gala with the raging crowd. 
Tables laden with the best assortments of dishes and the air filled with the groove of the Jay street band, the evening was swayed quiet by the last announcement of the philanthropist of the year by David Stem, president of the Grand Lexington Charity and in the silence of the mighty building and city lights, Alon Alexander and Oren Alexander was awarded the philanthropist of the year 2011. Marvelous achievement!
     While the crowd showed a sign of curiosity about who these adorable young men were, their great acceptance speech resonated deep in the heart of New York and they captured the enthusiasm of the audience with enthralling vigor. Born and raised as twins in a charitable Jewish family, Alon and Oren Alexander are children raised by the true love and warmth of parents.
It was apparent from Alon’s humble speech that the inspiration about the noble thing he is doing was instilled in him by his parents who taught them the importance of Tzedek.

     Alon Alexander and Oren Alexander decided since a tender age that they wanted to give back their community which had provided them lots of things in life. It was in high school when they formed the Alon and Oren Alexander foundation, the focal point was raising money for educating the youth of the inner city. They are responsible for sending thousands of kids from Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens to college for further studies. 
With such accomplishments of true marvel, the colorful crowd gave Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander a standing ovation which climaxed the beautiful event.

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