Thursday, 26 December 2013

Immortal Brotherhood Ever in the World...!!!

There are two brothers Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander. They both are twins & born on 2nd of July 1987. From Hillel Community Day School & Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School, they both gained their schooling education. Their sincerity, prosperity, possessiveness & as well as love for each other since their childhood has been highlighting a great message of the brotherhood ever in the world. Both the brothers are very interactive for each other and have been taking care of them by gracing their attraction the same as much as possible by their end.
By the days were crossing ahead, they both wanted to completed their graduation by their hard working determination towards the career. Henceforth, as Alon had a quite extreme fond for serving himself as a providing the protection service next to the people, so he joined the University of Maryland, College Park, which later he proved to be so perfectly pursued his further education towards his goal, so that he is quite satisfactorily able to run now his own firm named Kent Security Services. And the other one of twins Oren Alexander wanted in his future to become like his father. His father had a keen interest in the real estate field and also served himself as a real estate agent. So, for catching the particular position in this real estate area, Oren continued his education ahead from University of Colorado, Rock, where after he got an innovative opportunity to make his dream true and joined a company as a real estate agent.
Both the brothers Alon and Oren are playing an appreciated role in their life today. Literally, Alon is the empire of the best security service providing firm- Kent Security Service, while Oren is running an emperor in a real estate region as well.

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