Friday, 12 July 2013

The Origin of Kent Security

Alon was born on the 2nd of July 1987 along with his twin brother Oren Alexander. Soon they started going to Hillel Group Day School, and spent a considerable time of their childhood there together. The year 2005 saw both the brothers going to their separate routes for getting higher education. Alon stayed on the east coast and went to the University of Maryland, while his brother headed to the University of Colorado, and kept visiting each other in their universities.

After Oren graduated from his university and moved to Unique York City, he started making investments in lands. He was soon chosen by the Howard Lorber as a land agent. Not long after, even Alon graduated from his University and revisited his school where he united with his brother. During the midst of the year before he dropped his first year of school, Alon Alexander organized Kent Security of New York. This was a full utility security result which was demonstrated through the family business of Alexander in South Florida.

Today, both the brothers work as a single unit and help each other with their respective professions. Oren utilized his land mystery and has added to a significant number of valuable contacts for Alon, which helped him utilize as a part of the security business. The two brothers have been emphasized in different magazines and are recognized as Unique York’s eligible lone rangers. With great support from each other, both the brothers progress and seek delight in their work. Kent security is recognized as a renowned name today, and provides the best security services to people from all over the world. It takes every possible effort to keep the people safe from any kind of attacks and such other things. Alon’s brother Oren continues to assist him in the same.

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