Thursday, 24 October 2013

Alon Alexander & Oren Alexander- Names that strives excellence

Alon Alexander and Oren Alexander have become a symbol of exemplary achievements marked with wit to excel in life. Born in an ordinary family, the twins have their separate aims towards life but have strong compassion towards each other. They have given the relationship of brothers a new meaning. Initially, they did their schooling from Hillel Community Day School for elementary and Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School. They also have the common friends and shared everything with one another.

 On graduating from University of Maryland and University of Colorado, Alon Alexander and Oren decided to go for different professions. Alon after getting degree in Criminal Justice shifted towards starting his own security company whereas Brother Oren shifted towards Real Estate in which he has deep interest. His father was also in the same profession. They share their viewpoints on various issues leading to a cohesive approach to solve any problem.

 Despite joining the different professions, the bond of love and understanding has never suffered any setback. The two keep on visiting each other companies and take interest in their concerned matters to be resolved. Today, they are successful in their respective areas and are an example for people to take lessons from. Alon is the head of the Kent Services and Oren is in the Real Estate in New York. They also have a helping hand for the poor and needy people of the society. Every year they donate huge amount of money for charity.

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