Friday, 5 July 2013

Alexander Brothers Scaling New Heights with Persistence, Hard Work and Dedication

At the young age of 25, the twin brothers Alon and Oren Alexander are busy in making their base to rich heights of success. Totally supportive to each other and focused towards the wider goal of life, these two brothers displayed the spark from the young age itself. Having belonged to a business family operating the real estate domain, Alon & Alexander grew up learning business intricacies. All they needed was academic training and degree. Alon graduated from University of Maryland in University Stop, MD and Oren from University of Colorado in Rock, Colorado with a degree in Account. He further moved to Unique York City and started his career as a land agent enlisted by Howard Lorber, Administrator of Prudential Douglas Elliman.

Alon graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in Criminal Equity and then visited Law School at Unique York Law. Alon started his career as an entrepreneur. He founded Kent Security of NY that is a Security Service provider; it is modeled upon Alexander family business in South Florida.

Today, although Alon and Oren Alexander have made their name in different domain but the two blood-mates remains equally supportive and available to each other. Oren is performing well as real estate business professionals and very well demonstrating his mastery on making land deals. He has supported his brother with his valuable contacts.  Similarly, Alon is taking the security firm Kent Security Services to new heights. Recently the firm has opened a new branch in Washington in addition to other offices in Texas and New York.

The two men were referred as Unique York's most legible lone rangers in the famous Hamptons Magazine and Gotham Magazine. The Genuine article emphasized Oren as the best under 30 individual in the land field.

As the two brother have just started, so it will be little too early to zeroed upon the reason of success for the two brothers. However, they are definitely attributed with qualities like persistence, hard-work, dedication and most importantly the zeal to excel. Also, the two brothers are very supportive and very well taking the family pride with their performance. In their respective domains, the two brothers have bigger plans and soon they will be seen executing their plans.

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