Monday, 18 November 2013

Twin Brothers Setting Benchmark for the world

Alon and Oren Alexander are the twins who have shown the world the power of being one as a unity to give value to relations and carrying forward the legacy to set an example for the world to follow. The twins were born on 2nd July, 1987. Right from the younger age, the two have been the closed companions. They completed their early education in Hills County Day School and Dr. Michael Krop senior Senior Secondary school. In the childhood also, the two share even the common friends.

In 2005, the two started their two higher education program with Alon getting into University of   Maryland in College and Oren decided to move to University of Colorado. After passing from the college, Alon Alexander chooses to shift to the security services company called Kent. Oren has an interest around the real estate business. He gets into the field of real estate as if his father also has the same dream.

Alon today is the chairman of the Kent Services. He has come with the various novice services that would yield to the better growth of the organization as well as the personal growth. Oren is still working with the real estate firm and has contributed his experience with Alon for the growth.

The two brothers have shown the world their courtesy to work with one another and carrying along with the relationship of brothers. They still share everything with one another and discuss about the various ways to improve the business and help the social.

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