Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hard Working Determination of the Twin Brothers…!!!

At the tender age of 16, when a teenager should be indulging in the latest gadgetry influences and fresh teenage crushes, Alon Alexander began his career digging trenches for wiring of security systems. For some people, the journey of life is on a gradual road to success that has already been paved thousand of times but for Alon the step ahead in his career wasn’t that easy. With his intimate relationship with Kent Services and his yearn for more knowledge, he slowly learned every aspect of the business, provided the obvious fact that he was a child gifted with superb capabilities.
After he graduated high school, Alon went for further studies to the University of Maryland in New York, where he received a law degree & had been incessantly working hard on to achieve. With all the craving for more comprehension of the inner workings of the legal system and the passion for more knowledge, Alon soon became the founder of Kent Security. The Kent industry is popular world-wide and there is a rising need of people demanding safety for their professional and personal life. All through the pages of Alon’s hardship and successful years, he was accompanied by his brother Oren Alexander, a real estate agent, who paved the way for the proficient working of the company. 
For a lot of the people who say that these two brothers act and look alike, indeed it is. They were born on 2nd of July, 1987  which officially denotes that they are twins. Rather successful ones. Because of their possessiveness towards each other and their growing affinity for the sharing of more thoughts between themselves, their pace of progress socially, financially, professionally and personally became rapid.
On the higher pages for the quest for their professional journey, they decided to go their separate ways. Alon turned towards security services as his future genre of work while Oren’s keen interest in the real estate market, rendered him to deeply immerse himself in the real estate region. So, Oren went to the University of Colorado while Alon joined the University of Maryland in New York.
Presently Alon Alexander, true to his nature, devotedly serves himself as a founder of Kent Security Services where he has consulted the security infrastructure of two super bowls and three major cities. Oren on the other hand, joined the real estate firm where his sharp knowledge of the real estate and his sense of the climate has enabled him to be a very successful in the field.
Alon and Oren both have received numerous awards and they are held as inspiring entities by young entrepreneurs who are looking to create a dent in the market.

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